What does our Library give you?

ALIZE makes its BCLibrary for Third-Party library available to collaborators (currently in version 1.5.0).

This library allows you to embed the access code to the Blockchain network in your own programs or applications, to publish and collect data and metadata of the assets, automatically, in real time, and from your own software, without having to access to the Alize platform.

The library contains the main functions necessary to exploit the data in a simple and intuitive way, simplifying the work of collaborators and allowing them access to all the reliable data of the ecosystem.

BCLibrary for Third-Party is a library developed under .NET Standard 2.0, whose objective is to facilitate the implementation of Blockchain technology in developments based on both the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

The library stands out for its ease of integration into any type of development, as well as for its ease of use thanks to the functions it implements.

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