How does the platform works ?

Your team doesn’t need to know about Json, Tokens or protocols. We’ll help you to identify the differentiating advantages that blockchain technology can offer you (smart contract generation, certification of specific aspects of your business, integration of different sources, etc…) and, from that point onwards, you’ll just need to decide in which area you want to make an impact. You will also be able to give access to restricted users or allow free access. They will be able to access through the web or scanning your product’s label, and they can use either PC or mobile devices.

How is it used ?

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, it will be very easy for you to access all the information you require.


Once you login into ALIZE, you’ll see our main menu, from which you can look up assets, and access applications made for you and for the users and companies linked to your business.


Thanks to blockchain technology, the automotive provider in charge of component assembly for the windscreen gives access to his client to all the details of the assembly process, including the original video, in real time and with the certainty that all the data, and of course, the video, belong to the piece he has in front of him, just by reading the barcode of the finished vehicle.


In this other case, our client allows users to access the label of a piece of equipment or a container’s label and to the flow of movement of that container. He can verify where it has been, at what time and who has transported it.


The certification that all the viewed data is original can be checked by your clients and users with a simple click. This will take them to the source where they will be able to check that the hash is correct and, therefore, the information is original and immutable.


In this application we calculate the Carbon Footprint of the windshield assembly process per vehicle. In this way we graph the evolution of the Carbon Footprint by weeks, last month and any other dimension. In addition, by measuring and certifying this data in Blockchain, we can at the end of the year obtain the % reduction or improvement of the carbon footprint of that process in the company and offer it to FORD.


In this Blockchain application, we show our client in real time the status of their quality control plan, in this way the client, from any device and at any time of the day, can see the status of their manufacturing order associated with their order. , and if the quality control plan that you have defined with your supplier is being complied with, in this way a brutal layer of trust is created with the client and subsequent claims of non-quality are eliminated.

Create your solution with us 

More and more companies are using our ALIZE platform to develop their own blockchain solutions, completely customized alongside our experts.

We are blockchain technology’s best option for small and medium business, both for closeness and for price.

Make your blckchain evolve with ALIZE

Regardless of where you are in the move to blockchain, together with our experts, you can improve your own solution.

ALIZE will help you to reach your goal at the market’s most competitive cost.

Steps for a turnkey project

We’ll analyse the information that you give us and, if it’s not digitalised, we’ll help you to do so with Blockchain of Things.

Once we have the digitized information, we’ll study the source of the data, processes and locations that the information goes through and we’ll take it to the blockchain network with a Webservice or an API program.

We’ll create a custom layout for you to view and upkeep your blockchain, where you can manage your own users, view their data, add new applications’ requests, and much more.

Guaranteed reliability and growth

Many SMBs are trying to interact with the blockchain platform to improve their business model in order to achieve a higher level of transparency with their clients, motivated by the increasing need to lead companies towards Industry 4.0. ALIZE platform provides the flexibility and power necessary to reach that goal.


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