«ALIZE builds trust. Trust brings down barriers. ALIZE offers you the Blockchain technology needed to help your business to communicate with integrity.  »

We’ll make you grow. We’ll make you different.

“Immutability, transparency, simplicity and sustainability are some of the principles that ALIZE will offer to your users.”

What is ALIZE?

ALIZE is the platform that turns the almost titanic task of “understanding” blockchain technology and all of its functionalities into something simple and easy to handle for your organization, regardless of its size.

Thanks to ALIZE, “blockchain” will not be an inaccessible universe any more. It will be at your disposal, bringing this technology to you in an easy and seamless way.

To achieve this, we offer you tools like (APIs) Apis, which are prepared to connect any data you need, seamlessly, to a Blockchain network.

Alize is supported by every device; your users will be able to access the information from the network via their Smartphones, tablets or PCs.


If you own a business or a company, you’ll benefit if:


You want to certificate a market value aspect (source, composition, porperties, chronology…).


You wish to establish contact with your clients, in an automated way.


You want to track in real time the life cycle of the product, the chain of events or the status of a specific process or product.


You’d like to integrate information from different technologies, databases or even different companies.


You wish to create value that can be tranferable, both completely or partially.

“ALIZE, the best option for using Blockchain technology for small businesses, both by closeness and costs.”

If you are a technological adviser, you’ll find our platform highly interesting,as we’ll train your commercial team and we will work side by side with you during the implementation process. Your team will manage your applications,clients and users via the platform, always in a safe environment, with the image of your company.
In addition to all of that, with our portal you’ll also get:


You want to give your clients great solutions based on Blockchain technology, but you are missing the network to connect to or your team is still in the process of mastering the technology.


You want to diversify the services you provide, without new acquisition, without investing in new licenses,promising contacts, or undergoing training without a guaranteed return.

“ALIZE, the best option for using Blockchain technology for small businesses, both by closeness and costs.”

What will you find?

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Software flexibility

Gather data from the supply chain and its impact in one single place. One system to unify and show the information from all your supply chain, linking your process to your suppliers and your clients in one seamless experience.

History of the product

Impress your clients with the history behind your products. Sharing with customers how the products were produced is a great experience, which brings them closer to the real origin (people that worked on them, places where they were manufactured and processes that they went under). Support your product with certified evidence of the supply chain, so you create added value and build a stronger trust with your buyers.


Show that you put your money where your mouth is. Blockchain certification points, accessible to those you chose, will support the impact you want your business to have, connecting your words with real data. Offer your clients reliable and undeniable data.


Share the essential information about your business in a simple format that it is easy to convey. Our platform will allow you to convert data into trustworthy and valuable information for your clients and society. It’s an open-source platform that works on the first blockchain network with all its nodes in the European Union, which makes it the only platform that fulfils the European rules, GPDR and eIDAS Regulation.

Save time , save money

Design actions that will automatically happen when your chosen circumstances are met. Avoid allocating resources to verifying claims, product reception or carrying out analysis. You can request in the platform the setting up of smart contracts to create actions that will execute automatically when the conditions you defined are met. As they are certified data, you don’t need to allocate any effort to check their validity. If the information in the network says the “fact” has been carried out, you can rest assured it’s done.

Be practical

No more neverending and expensive IT integration projects so the information from different systems, databases or geographical areas get shared within your organization. The platform is a layer above your current systems, which are unconnected. Each one of them will connect independently to our network through ALIZE and, just like that, your computer equipment will have all the information it might need.

What’s behind ALIZE ?

Our team. Experts in digital transformation.

Alize is a platform that uses BlockchainFUE network, the only currently existing blockchain network with all its nodes located in the European Union. The aim of our network is to become a capillary element for blockchain technology distribution, because we believe in the benefits it will bring not only to improve the competitiveness of the business sector, but also to society as a whole.

Our team is formed by the team of experts in Digital Transformation and Software development and will help you to implement blockchain technology into your business. They will indentify how to extract they key data of your activity and will generate the right layout so the data can be looked up by your clients.

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